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Why Choose Beale Personnel, Inc.?

Beale Personnel has been in business under the same ownership for 26 years. With a combined 45 years of permanent placement staffing experience, our track record speaks for itself. We are different from other search firms as we are dedicated to permanent placement and customer service. Our small company size allows us to deal directly with clients, often meeting the client in person to best gauge an idea of the client's perfect candidate.

What is the Beale Experience?

The Beale Experience is effortless staffing at its finest. We make it simple for employers to choose a candidate based on their wants, needs and budget. We work with employers and candidates to find the correct match for your company, and we do the job quickly and efficiently.

Where Do We Find Beale Personnel Qualified Candidates?

Finding just the right person for a given position is both a highly refined and multi-dimensional process. We begin with an in-depth analysis of your corporate culture, carefully assessing the subtle nuances of your particular business needs and go from there.

Beale qualified candidates come from a variety of resources. We have accumulated an extensive database of 50,000+ applicants, and are proactive in finding new candidates daily. Our candidate database allows us access to many candidates who are not available to the public. We have many sources available to us to find the right candidate, and rest assured we exhaust all resources when looking for the ideal match for your company.

Who ARE Beale Personnel Qualified Candidates?

The answer to this question is simple: We at BPI look for candidates who prepare themselves with exemplary academic credentials, possess impressive skill and capabilities in their areas of expertise, demonstrate upward mobility throughout their careers, and who have received recognition for outstanding performance. We test candidates using ProveIt! Testing (when available) to ensure they are more than proficient in their field, and will openly tell you their test scores. We want the best of the best and will settle for nothing less.

What If We Hire a Candidate and They End Up Not Working Out?

No need to worry! We provide a 90-day warranty period that the candidate will work out. We will call your company periodically to check on how the candidate is doing in the position, and if for some reason they are not working out, we will work with you to find a replacement candidate at no additional charge to you.

What Areas is Beale Personnel Familiar With Placing?

Beale Personnel offers a wide range of placement services. We currently work within the following fields: Accounting and finance, strategic business consulting, medical and health care professionals, management and operations personnel, and-our most recent addition-legal administrative and executive support.

See the links to our areas of specialty for more information on each field.